Thursday, May 29, 2003

> As a rule of thumb: anyone who acts against the ultimate goal of the dismemberment of Pakistan is doing so against India's fundamental interests.

I disagree... any one who thinks dismemberment of Pakistan is teh solution for India is obviously not taking lessons from history. Pakistan was dismembered once - in 1971 - with a lot of active Indian involvement. And what happens in our borders with that country we 'helped liberate'? To me, Bangladesh seems more hostile than Pakistan. What Pak did to Amol Kalia during Kargil, BDF seems happy to do to BSF jawans caught during minor skirmishes.
Ultimately, we can be confident that every nation that comes out of this so-much-dreamed-about dismemberment of Pak will again be against India. Because the states might change - their names might be different. But the people are the same.

If you think those people will be ready to live happily ever after alongside India then, they will be happy to do so now. Of course, there is this argument that except Punjab, every other state would be happy with India. We said the same before 1971. In fact, back then, East Bengal was considered the most liberal of the Pakistani provinces. What happened after 1971?

One more thing - India has been committing the same mistake time and again. It is to assume that smaller states amount to smaller problems. Wrong. Size is a disadvantage for a state only if we decide to use force. Till such time we refrain from baring fangs, only the will of the opponent to cause harm matters. And using force is not something we can do that easily, not under the hard glare from China and America.

Last, but not the least, there is one thumbrule in any discussion: it's that thumbrules are evolved towards the end - not at the beginning. :-)


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