Saturday, May 31, 2003

Well, given my acute discomfort with Bush's foreign policy, you could not have possibly expected me to nod at the term moral clarity. To me, it is shorthand for lack of multiple inputs - which is important for any leader of a democratic country.

In some ways, I think many hawks in India are no more mature than those in Pak. What do u mean by u are not ok with the idea of Pakistan? Why can't we grow out of that obsession of fifty years? When the two countries became independent, they represented two different ideological standpoints. So, each expected the other to just crumble by itself. India could not envision a state found completely around the call of the religion. Pak could not envision a state with such a gaggle of nationalities for populace.

But now, we have come a long way. We still represent different things. But then, we are no more sole representatives of new ideas. Composite nations similar to India, like Indonesia have fallen apart (or are int eh process), states found with singular ideological focal point like Pakistan have also broken up. Ultimately, we should start looking at each other from a view that is different from the ideological one. We will not be, in any way, vindicated by a breakup of Pakistan or vice versa.

Say what u may, just having a democracy and elections is not a great achievement. To this day, we are an insecure state - not just because of outside factors. We have not liberalized in all these years. Our economy is still not secure. These are really the things that will vindicate our founding as a composite country. It is in this sense that values like accpetance and multi-culturalism are important for us. We cannot fail in all these and claim we are still one up, simply because we outlive Pakistan. That will just be a pyrrhic victory.


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