Tuesday, May 27, 2003
Evangelists ....

Ramki has posted an interesting article about the activities of Evangelists, but their activity is nothing new, only their target and approach are. For years, missionaries have crawled across the deserts of Arabia converting only handful of people here and there, partly due to the stringent anti-conversion laws in these Muslim nations and mostly due to Muslim's infallible belief in Islam. Now, this strategic planning for onslaught against is actually worrisome, IMO, for both world peace and the future of other religions, not just Islam.

How long will it take for a concentrated attack on Hinduism or Buddhism, if these missionaries "research" and promulgate the only less pleasant aspects of each religion? Islam at least violently resists such attempts to steal the mantle, so the speak. For centuries, that is what missionaries have done in India - they saw success partly due to our own socio-economic conditions.

It is actually false advertisement when Ms. McEvoy says "Our job is not make Muslims a Christian, but show the love of Christ", because in typical American advertising parlance, they don't how to sell a product based only on its own merits without denigrating the competitor(s).

Anyway, for the broader picture of religions and cruelty in each. Actually, I wanted to start a thread on the Blog on something similar but was not sure if it was appropriate. My thought was to even question the existence and necessity of religions. My thought was about replacing religion with spirituality, for it is does not matter if you are Christian, Hindu or Muslim if you are not spiritual in thought and action. In the context of Ramki's blog, does it matter if the Muslim becomes a Christian if he is not spiritual? Ok, he is a Christian, probably a protestant, then what next?

Another thing that I noticed in that NY Times article is Mr. Caner assertion that it is his right to stand outside a mosque and tell Muslims that Jesus saves. Is it really a right?

I am not knowledgeable like Ramki in matters of the Bible but I do know that their God exhorts them to go forth make believers out of non-believers. Does it also say use any method, hook or crook, to achieve that....beats me!

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