Tuesday, May 27, 2003
First abt the Discrimination argument:

Carl, I see that u are making valid distiction between discrimination as a psychological phenomenon, and as a social construct.

Howver, in a holistic discussion on the role of discrimination, I think the latter should dominate, because when an Af-Am or an immigrant or a woman or a homosexual or a Muslim (I am just reeling out examples) is being slighted out of notions constructed in vast cavities of warped craniums, he or she is not going to go searching for psychological underpinnings of it. It will create social tensions - plain and simple. I am more interested in looking at that. However, I do agree that we ought to take the psychology of it to understand the possible ways of alleviating the problem.

I see two different streams of approach emerging in these discussions here... an academic or theoretical one, and (what I would call) "activist" one. I may be wrong in classifying out right here - but I see Carl as representing of the former, while Chubs and myself as following the latter approach. Each tends to be more grounded to reality and in the realm of idealism at different times. It might lead to misunderstandings too, at times, as we had a while back. But it sure gives us good new perspectives.

One other fact that stands out in the last para is that NO ONE ELSE IS POSTING!!! COME ON GUYS!!!


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