Monday, May 26, 2003
Hey Ramki, Re: your last post on the "prejudice" issue :-

We're still in slightly different orbits. I totally agree that beyond a point prejudice can become a hindrance to the progress of a backward community or individual, although you admit it does play a part in motivating the subject to "start" reform. But why did you presume that I didn't account for this?

I spoke of the primary concern being a widely-accepted social conception of what was right and wrong, desirable and undesirable, valuable and vain. Clearly, if this was done to any reasonable extent, the glass-ceiling phenomenon wouldn't prevail. That happens because the people doing the discriminating do not quite know what they're discriminating against; or worse, they consciously discriminate based on racial supremacist ideas. In other words, their prejudice and act of discrimination is motivated by skewed moral concepts. So those attendant cultural conditions I mentioned are to blame, and not the psychological phenomenon of prejudice and generalization itself.

Speaking for myself and some Indians I know, we warm to af-am individuals once their behaviour is observed to be civil. So subconsciously, that was our primary concern.

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