Friday, May 23, 2003
Incidentally, I personally experienced one more instance of stereotyping -
Time: Today at 1130 am

I had been to a Doctor in Student's Health Center. The Doc was a very nice lady, not a trace of bigotry or anything. I happened to mention that I had had an MRI taken abt four years back, in India. And guess what? She was so surprised, she actually asked me if I had done it in India. When I said yes, she asked me if I was sure if it was an MRI. I had an inkling of what she was driving at. And sure enuf, she explains to me - She was surprised that we had *MRI*s in India!! That starving country of wretches! See, that is the idea they have. I would definitely not hold it against her. Sure, we do have poor, starving, masses. But then, so does the so-called "Greatest Nation of Earth", United States! 12 million people here were starving here - that was before Bush came to power. IMHO, the only numbers that have gone up in Bush's US are that one and Bush's approval rating. Why should she assume that we would not have enuf medical facilities there? The answer is simple: STEREOTYPES!

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