Friday, May 23, 2003
dude dont take offence at the tone or anything in my posts! just typing away quickly.

1) I mentioned the fetish in order to make a point: that there is little colour-bias in determining attractiveness.

2) Your female friend who shuns a street because of blacks has a point. More than one Indian girl on campus here has told me that some blacks regularly fondle them while brushing past, or make obscene sexual gestures at them. These are not isolated incidents. Have a chat with females, and you will find that this is general knowledge among them. Also, black males do find Indian women attractive (as some have told me openly) and even vulnerable for some reason, perhaps because they don't protest. This is infuriating. Like I said, blacks have faults, and they should grow up if they want to be treated normally. (disclaimer: i have many grown-up black friends)

3) Why do you repeatedly say Indians can't call blacks "black" because some of them are black themselves? You yourself seem to think being black is bad, since your logic seems to be "don't point a finger at other when...". I can't believe this!

4) without realizing it your argument is all about semantics: whether we should call them "kalla" or "african american".

one last point: If some Indians do erect a wall of feigned arrogance around themselves here, it is probably a social necessity. American culture does not respect overly solicitous people. I know that as a TA. People draw boundaries around themselves here (more than we do in india), and one way to do that is social prejudice. Hence the occasional aggressive "humour".


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