Friday, May 30, 2003

Thanks for bringing up this very imp angle. The "Maoist" forces at work in Nepal are part of the larger malaise in India. Ironically, they hardly derive much material and ideological support from the Chicoms. They do so from the communist forces within India. One of the leaders of the Nepal Maosits (don't recall his name right now) says he owes his ideological foundations to some professor in India. He studied in India. They are also,linked with the growing ISI influence in Nepal, and recently the Paki ambassador throw out of Nepal for possessing vast quantities of explosives was found to have links with these Maoists.

The communist/leftist network in India is vast and has been very active for decades now. They do not believe in the Indian nation. They have consistently been subversive.

In West Bengal, they are directly responsible for facilitating and encouraging illegal immigration from B'desh, creating a serious national security problem. The commies actually defended the Chinese aggression in 1962 and blame India. The Naxalite movement has lost all moral raison d'etre long ago, and is today only an obstacle to progress. Incidentally, about 5 yrs ago, a police officer in AP divulged that the majority of naxalites captured lately were Muslims with links to certain shady organizations in Hyderabad. The commies have allied with ANY force that is anti-status quo and seditious.

Most dangerous is the fact that they have virtually monopolized the "intellectual" class in India. For 50 years they have decided what is "progressive" and what isn't. In fact, in their new avatar, they call themselves "secular progressives". If you examine their ideology and the positions they take on various social and developmental issues, you will find that they are exactly the opposite of that -- bigotted retrogressives.

Many such apparently bleeding-heart pacifists love to advocate the Paki viewpoint in the Indian media. Teesta Setalvad (I think) was running a Mumbai-based organization, and on a map on their website Pakistan was more than half as large as India and had ALL of J&K. They hurriedly removed that map when alert surfers complained during that IDRF-smear campaign which she was involved in.

Watch out for the enemy within. The problem is far more insidious than you can imagine. BTW, if you aren't already a regular visitor, you should follow BRF.

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