Monday, May 26, 2003
Oh, I forgot to mention my own view of national pride... well, I do not see national pride in isolation as a concept. I see it more as belonging to a continuum of prides - personal, communal, national, human... it just reflects our sense of identity. Just as I am Ramki, a Thamizh-Hindu-Iyengar-Chennaiite-South Indian-Grad Student-etc etc etc-Coffee Drinker (in no particular order), an Indian and a human, my pride too has a lot of identities.

Of course, as our sense of identity varies, our pride too varies, as does our ideological standpoints. Some are committed internationalists, who believe that all humans are one, some are decidedly communalists - they believe their community or ideology is more special than others. It's only a shift in emphasis. I would not say they are all equally valid - I myself believe that parochial attitudes most times reflect a narrower thinking. But yes, one can certainly not hold any particular emphasis as invalid uniformly in all instances.


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