Monday, May 26, 2003
The talk about Iran bothers me. My masi lives in Kerman, and I know she won't budge from there although she can go to Mumbai anytime.

The most powerful religious-political figure to have entered the Iraqi scene lately has been the Shia cleric who was in exile in Iran all these Saddam years. The US might be wary of some Iranian influence-mongering in the emerging Iraqi politic. That could be an explanation for the threatening noises.

Frankly, most people agree that the Iranians won't tamely surrender their towns and cities to invading yanks the way the Iraqis did. Besides, there might be another couple of Asian countries who would also be more willing to put their troops where their mouth is in the event of a US attack on Iran, than what they did in the Iraqi scenario. What do you think India's position will be? We've been conspicuously taking concrete steps towards developing relations with Iran in the recent past, despite the occasional disapproving grunt from Uncle.

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