Thursday, May 29, 2003
Sorry I forgot to reiterate that fundamental principle in my reply: The Only Solution is the effective death of Pakistan.

After 50 years of trying every possible method (including enough intellectualizing), if you still think we are "at the beginning", then god save us. This is the most excruciating thing we have to deal with as Indians, and a hard struggle to the visible End is inevitable now. Note that the only escape from that is to stagnate as 3rd world underachievers. Time to give up seeking explanations and understanding in moral relativism, compromise, and what not. Been through Mitra, Sama, Dana. Say hello to Bheda and Danda, which have shown potential for results when used before. Bite the bullet and devote energy to cutting our way towards the End -- in favour of Indian Values. Humane considerations are still relevant, in achieving that End with the least amount of 'fallout'.

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