Tuesday, May 27, 2003
Wondering if we could comment, in parallel, on the Indo-Pak developments. One important aspect is this:
Review India-Iran pipeline -- Pak to India

IMHO, the only reasonable deal on this issue that might be worthy of India's consideration is this:- For India to agree to let its crucial oil supplies come via Pak only if the security of this pipeline is directly connected with the Indus Water Treaty. But Indus water is crucial for Pak only at certain times of the year. So a protocol has to be devised so that we have an equal threat-benefit system. Also, no royalties for the oil transit. It simply becomes a water-for-oil treaty. I think this is the only proposal that we Indians could reasonably consider.

So we should go ahead full-steam with the Baglihar Dam construction, and also other canal systems. We also need to continue to diversify our oil-procurement options.

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