Sunday, June 01, 2003

First - We, both India and Pakistan, need to grow out of our obsession with Partition. Somehow, it seems to me that people are still looking for some vindication of the idea called India. To many, India and Pakistan, as fifty years back, still represent two conflicting ideas that are in competition. Whichever dies first, would vindicate the other. There are times when hsitory is better forgotten. European states are a good example. After millenia of fighting, they have been able to climb out of their hostilities, to try something more constructive. In some ways, I think Europe today represents what India tried to be fifty years back - an ideal in humanism.

Idealism apart, I think it is time we start looking at ourselves as a more normal state, one struggling to stay with its nose above the water level. We need that shift in paradigm to achieve any amount success in economy. To this day, political issues and ideas dominate our elections. How many people talk abt serious economic plans? How many actually propose and brain strom ideas like universal health care during the campaign? Zilch. Why? We look at things only from ideological perspective.

I hope u get the idea. Be pragmatic, forget the founding principles. For one, if Jinnah were alive, he would have killed himself looking at Pakistan. His sense of class and civility are completely absent in today's Pakistan. Simlarly, if Gandhi were alive, he would have killed himself. It is no comment on them... it is the way nations moves on.

That being so, why then talk abt their old ideas and spoil this day?


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