Thursday, June 19, 2003
An interesting article on how Canada has evolved into a liberal, plural society without much of the cataclysms that mostly accompany such change:
Gay Marriage Plan: Sign of Sweeping Change in Canada

It is interesting to note that the author agrees with my long held belief that any positive, peaceful and lasting change in society could be brought around only by bringing around the conservatives to view it as questions addressing fundamental issues, such as privacy, individual liberty etc, which (with notable exception of GoPers of today) they have always championed.

I would love to talk here abt the massive role swapping that has taken place in the American polity in the past few decades, with GoPers taking over as the moralists, a role traditionally liberal, and Democrats taking over as guardians of individual liberty, traditionally an issue for conservatives. This change is most expressed in race relations of the parties. Due to paucity of time, I am passing this for now...


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