Sunday, June 01, 2003
More on NEPAL:

quote from this article: Students in Pakistan picket KFC, McDonalds
Nepalese protester Ali, a student of Islamic International University, said: "I think this is just a lack of public awareness."
BTW, the conversion activity and the explosion of madrassahs in Nepal (from across the border in Bihar) has been well-documented in the last 5 years. Also, some major publications and TV stations in the Nepalese media are owned by Nepalese" muslims. One such TV channel was responsible for accusing Indian star Hrithik Roshan of making derogatory comments about Nepalese.

And then another article: ISI roping in Nepalese Maoists to destabilize India

To many its still news that the extreme left in India is in cahoots with pan-Islamists. The same police officer whom I had quoted regarding Naxalites had also made public the fact that intelligence agencies have noticed marked migration patterns of Muslims within India, toward a belt stretching through UP, Bihar and W.Bengal. This was reiterated a few months back during discussions about demographics and the Bangladeshi immigrant issue. Samastipur, Purnia (I think) and other districts have witnessed huge immigrations and now have a high %age of Muslims. My roomie is from Samastipur (Bihar).

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