Sunday, June 22, 2003
National Integration - the future of the Indian State

Wonder if u had heard about the Southern Economic Union being formed by the four southern states - AP, Karnataka, Kerala and TN. I would like some comments abt that.


Do you think the economic union, which is now a purely bureaucratic interaction of the four Chief Secretaries, would grow into a stronger bond, and eventually, take political undertones as regionalism? If you think so, do you think it would be a positive development? If not, what makes u think it will not happen?

Assuming this does happen, what do you think would be the response of other fast growing states like Maharashtra and Gujarat to this development? Do you think we will, say, have a Western Economic Union? Or do you think Maharashtra will gravitate towards the South?

Most interestingly, what do you think will be effect on the cow belt states to a challenge to their dominance over Indian polity from the South?

In a related question, if you are a southerner, do you think the south has been prejudiced against in the Indian polity?


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