Monday, June 16, 2003
Re: Not much news about Marad

Kartic bhai, please be patient. So far only some Hindus have been murdered. That and more happens regularly in Kashmir, etc, but do you hear about it all the time? India is a large country and the media has many other things to report. Besides, you are always encouraged to look at the other side of the story. Kaleem Khwaja, a prominent US-based member of the Indian Muslim Council, who works hard for secularism and vigilantly works to "expose" the Hindutva govt of India in the US along with other "secular progressives" (like in the action against IDRF) writes regarding Marad:
"Kerala has long been an exemplary model for communal harmony," M.K. Rahman, the Secretary General of the Indian Muslim Council-USA said, " However, the past few months have witnessed a rise in sectarian violence in Kerala, including the attack on an American Christian missionary in January 2003 by the Hindu ultra-nationalist group RSS and the killings of four Muslims in an earlier attack on the village of Marad. The international community and the Indian government should take note and action against groups like the RSS who are trying to uproot India's secular fabric."
Remember, there is always a "root cause" behind all such incidents.

On another note, this must be the first time Indian police are taking over a mosque after finding explosives cache in it. Stunning.

Finally, to give due space to the RSS (which is the root cause here) it says that there is now religious cleansing in parts of Kerala. Alarmists probably.

Personally, I did hear from my Mallu friends that Muslims in Kerala, who once were its most backward community, are now increasingly noveau riche due to Gulf jobs. They're buying up real estate in many parts of the state (also in Chennai). That's just fine. The funny part is that there seems to be a pattern to this buying up spree. Northern Kerala has indeed been practically "bought up" by them. Then they make it a point to buy up ancient and prestigious Arangetrams in various towns and then promptly demolish the old structure and build over. Strange little anecdotes. Moreover, the Coimbatore Blasts and other terrorist happenings in Tamil Nadu are masterminded by Mallu-based fundamentalist groups like Al-Umma. Perhaps there is more than mere dinars that comes in with Gulf jobs.

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