Sunday, June 01, 2003
re: Pak-India

Ramki, I didn't say we should throw pragmatism to the winds and mire ourselves in ideology. I made that clear in my previous post. But a nation is a moral fact. There are fundamental principles involved. What that fundamental fact is depends on which school of thought you belong to. A Communist might say it is merely an economic convenience. I personally don't fully agree with that.

Then there is the short-term and the long-term. Those monomaniacal ideologues who make wrong short-term moves that ultimately undermine the sanctity of the real object are simply stupid. They lack perspective. I didn't say we should sacrifice economics to jihad. Let the Pakis do that. Have you heard about the Monkey Trap theory? :)
quote Ramki:
For one, if Jinnah were alive, he would have killed himself looking at Pakistan. His sense of class and civility are completely absent in today's Pakistan.
This is a distortion repeated ad nauseum, and apparently you are regurgitating it. Jinnah was as slick as today's Paki elite -- the same guys orchestrating jihad and responsible for the murder of our women and children. Jinnah was the one who ordered "direct action" in the streets of India. Suhrawardy was also a suited and booted "civil mannered" person. Jinnah mocked Sardar Patel when Patel's view that Hindus/Sikhs could not be non-violent in the face of attack was silenced by Gandhi. What class!

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