Thursday, June 26, 2003

Ramki, some good points, like southern politicos forming a stronger lobby for more national influence. All power to them.

Will disagree with the "culture" color you're giving it though. Pure political cock and bull. Any idea how the Telugus keep their distance from Tamil "dravidianism", much less identify with them? Nobody likes aggressive chauvinism. OTOH, Telugus in northern Andhra regularly recite the Ramcharitmanas in Hindi. Also, there's plenty of petty contempt for Tamils in neighbouring Kerala. So this exclusive north-south divide is BS.

And you further say that Gujaratis might have "cultural and other" problems integrating into a southern econ union? There are hordes of Gujju and even HAryanvi businessmen in various cities and towns in TN, and they read write and speak Tamil better than many Tamils. Gujjus and Marwaris are ace businessmen. I've met many who speak over 4 Indian languages.

Let's keep imagined "prejudice" out of the discussion.

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