Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Re: Southern Economic Union


I certainly agree with you on the cooperation and policy consultation part. What I was interested is the poiltical ramifications of such a union. I would like to hear more from u on this specific issue.

As far as bias against southerners is concerned, let's face it... there is such a feeling among quite a few people down there. And not without reason... For starters, there have been two PMs from the south. The one similarity between them was that neither expected to become the PM. It essentially boils down to this - the nation has never consciously elected a southerner to the position of its chief administrator. The same could be said abt NE states (in fact, theirs would be a much more justifiable case!).

And do not even get me started on Hindi issue.... I still fall off my chair when I recall the learn-Hindi-if-u-want-investment comment a friend of mine made the other day.

I will post my own take on the questions raised by me tomorrow...


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