Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Re: Southern Economic Union

I think I should clarify my statement on prejudice against sutherners a little bit: I am not talking abt prejudice in general. That will be there as much or, as little, as there is prejudice against, people of a different region in any country. It is natural that there is a bit of that and we just might have to live with it.

What I am talking abt specifically is the political structure's skew that leads to the election of only cow belt-wallahs as PMs.

While I am at it, let me also state that it is a fact that there have been more Presidents from the south than from any other region - seven - Dr.Radhakrishnan, Dr.Zakir Hussain, V.V.Giri, Neelam Sajivva Reddy, R.Venkatraman, K.R.Narayanan and Dr.Abdul Kalam.

I will visit this particular issue in my posting with my take on the questions.


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