Sunday, June 01, 2003
Time to talk to Teheran
Oldish article. Excerpt:
...the hawks in the Bush administration who share Israel's hostile view of Iran and place it high up on their geo-strategic "to-do" list. But they should take notice all the same. Iran is not an inherently weak police state like Iraq. It is not a friendless dictatorship. It is not a reckless, impoverished regime like that in North Korea. Nor will it be easily bought off or subdued.

Iran, or Persia, was a proud, powerful and resourceful nation long before America was ever thought of. And for Bush and his bully-boy pals, Iran would be a bridge too far. They should stop posturing and start talking.

BTW, about that FII query no one answered -- Let me get more specific: Is FII very 'mobile'? Can a Foreign Instt investor pull out his investment in a very short time? And what financial form exactly does FII take?

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