Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Vajpayee and China

What's it with our leaders? Why can't they get over the bhai-bhai rhetoric? You see it wheever they visit some place or whenever some other leader comes calling. A day after Vajpayee made those absolutely meaningless remarks abt there not being any basis for mutual suspicion between China and India, and inked a deal involving Sikkim-Tibet highway, the Chinese Foreign Minister says "Sikkim is an old and contentious issue that cannot be resolved overnight" - Beijing-sly for "we still do not recognize Sikkim as a part of India". With the new Sikkim corridor, this diabolical stance of China is quite threatening. If in future, some problem develops over Sikkim, Vajpayee these very statements will be quoted to berate the PM - a la the original bhai-bhai remark of Nehru.

India should NOT go ahead with the highway if China is not going to recognize our sovereignty over Sikkim.


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