Thursday, July 31, 2003
All in a Day's Work

Hmmm... let me see if I understand it rite..... the Vatican has issued an edict to politicians of all countries that they had the duty to oppose Gay marriages. Apparently, the only thing homosexual that the church can tolerate and support is a priest shacking up with altar boys. It will be fine as long as one of the partners calls the other "Father" - it might even spend for such a holy relationship!

Ever since it came to existence, the Catholic church has been perpetrating this unholy use of political power to enfore its theology upon minorities - most prominently, the Jews. The Church has never been mindful of what it does to others using its powers that it accumulated in the most naked power grab history has seen. Of course, it is irrelevant for the Church that it is the most unchristian thing to do, for, simply put, was not a man called Jesus crucified by the Roman political power because it did not like his theology?

Anyways, I should say that those at the receiving end of the Church should not worry too much. After all, the Pope has apologized to Jews! He even shuffled up to the Wailing wall! That washed away all that pogroms that the Church endorsed for seventeen centuries. My advice to gays? Wait for the day Pope Jon Paul XI suddenly decides that his predecessors were wrong and decides to shuffle up to Stonewall.... it's ok to take all that the Church decides to heap on them in teh meanwhile... After all, did not Jews forgive the Pope Pius (now a newly minted saint) for watching mutely as they were dragged from their ghettos to concentration camps?

All in a day's work for the Papa!


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