Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Andrea Lafferty

Hey Guys

There was this woman from Traditional Values Coalition, essentially a evangelist fundo orgn, who went on C-SPAN day b4 to say that while we all are free to worship Hindu Gods here, Christians are not allowed to worship in India and Pakistan because they do not follow Judeo-Christian religions there.... The quote, I hear, was:

"Because America is based on Judeo-Cristian values, Hindus are allowed to worship here and Muslims are allowed to worship here. However, this is not the case in India and Pakistan, Christians are not allowed to worship."

While I do not expect anything more informed than that from such !@#$@$%#$~s, people have been shooting off mails to C-SPAN (journal@c-span.org) and TVC (Contact TVC) abt this stupid remark.... join the mela if u want! :)

PS: Since I know abt these airheads, I am planning to mail C-SPAN rather than TVC.

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