Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Dear Bloggers - Sorry for my long silence....I have not even been following the threads :-(

Anyway, I was on Yahoo and saw this rather interesting news item on news.yahoo.com
Bangladesh Bans Newsweek

This is about Bangladesh banning the latest Newsweek edition as anti-Islamic. The reason I have posted this is not because I agree with what I did. Rather it is because of something that did not happen!!!

The June issue of National Geographic carried an article on the untouchables and their condition in India. While the social conditions of these humans as reported appeared correct, the journalist had taken liberties at categorically stating that Hinduism inherently believes in inequality of human beings and the usual yada yada about the Varnas coming the four parts of the Supreme Being... I think this issue deserved banning in India because it definitely hurts Hindu sentiments!

Please try to grab a copy of that NatGeo from your local library or the hair salon to see what I mean.

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