Monday, July 07, 2003
Re: Indian troops in Iraq

Ramki, the liberal justification scenario you stated is actually very interesting, and worth pondering for its longer-term effects, although in the short term it might be used as a neo-realist tool.

Regarding Indian soldiers under foreign command: it is unacceptable for us, unless indian officers are also part of the overall allied command structure. we cannot supply sepoys while the officers are all western. let's just say it is diplomatically unacceptable.

about the macdonald report: its not about feeling hurt at all. its only about appraising this report, and its intent. in terms of pure merit, the report is silly. that was all i said. the important thing is to understand the reason it was put out. it also gives us an idea of how Uncle works with his "allies".

regd the macdonald report, i'm copy-pasting this post from BRF from a member who has this hilarious style :))
these reports are american equivalent of Paki farting on soc.culture.indian - someone jumps out of woodwork and shouts "indians drink cow urine daily instead of hot tea" or "ganesha was a pervert to had sex with xyz" ...and 2000 earnest indians spend weeks replying seriously with details why that is untrue.

Its time to tell uncle to his face - if you want to dance with us get used to the large mosquitoes, the heat, the flies, earthen floor, a hole in floor for a toilet, no toilet paper, no hooters, no root-beer floats, no main street with kids eating icecream and cycling down to the sub shop, we pick our noses and scratch our arses in public as many times as we like and hard bajra roti and daal for dinner - no pasta, no bread.

If they want the white tablecloths and cucumber sandwiches from gloved wog-waiters, go to rawalpindi.

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