Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Re: The Supreme Court and the Uniform Civil Code

S Q R Ilyas of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board told rediff.com, "It is against the fundamental principles of the Constitution. It is against the religious freedom enshrined by the Constitution to the people of India."

These idiots do not realize what damage they are doing to themselves by putting the Civil Liberties of the minorities at the mercy of elected executives. They should realize that the protection of minorities should derive from the Law - not from those who are at the mercy of majorities. Till now, the hindus have been too disunited for these ppl to feel the heat.

Gujarat gave a taste of what would happen if the executive goes out of the way to represent the interests of the majorities exclusively.

The only way Muslims or any minority, for that matter, can make their rights impregnable is by making them irrevocably tied to the rights of the majority.


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