Thursday, August 14, 2003

Will the Jews ever be spared? Literally millions of them have been killed for having supposedly caused the death of a man who supposedly lived two millenia back, and was supposedly the Son of God, and what's worse, who supposedly said he was going to suffer for the sins of all the believers - as in, Christians! And these guys are talking about barbarism of Islamic world?! Even Mandhara, who caused Rama's exile is, to a great extent, exculpated - for having helped him do his duty!!

So much is being said about Wahhabism in the west. But who is going to own up to the barbarism of criminalizing entire race for some thing that happened so long back?

What's ironic about all this is that the Great Church has never never thought twice before killing reformers who opposed its own corruption - the very thing Jesus was supposedly cricified for!! Oh well, who is to ask for conscience from the Great Pope!

One thing is for sure - I am not going to any movie of that numb nut Gibson again - even if it were Shyamalan's!


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