Saturday, August 02, 2003
Pop Quiz :

You know, many times, slippery slope arguments are used to raise the bogey in questions of "morals" such as gay marriages... Sen. Santorum is just one case among many.... the history of this goes back some time. Just to drive home the point, I am going to ask u this question (courtesy: Andrew Sullivan)

What is the case, apparently more hoorrendous than Oedipus's marriage with him mom, is narrator talking abt in the following writing from Tennessee:

"We might have in Tennessee the father living with his daughter, the son with the mother, the brother with his sister, in lawful wedlock, because they had formed such relations in a state or country where they were not prohibited. The Turk or the Mohammedan, with his numerous wives, may establish his harem at the doors of the capitol, and we are without remedy. Yet none of these are more revolting, more to be avoided, or more unnatural than the case before us."


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