Sunday, August 24, 2003
Purile Analysis

I was really angered by this so-called debate on why prostitution in India should be legalized. Some one mentioned provision of health, which to me seems the only valid point raised. The rest were really casual, immature analysis that barely skims the surface of the question.

One guy talks as though upon legalization, commercial sex workers will become commodities - not workers, mind you! And some the high pitched liberalism of some of the ladies was outright without any basis. There was no sensitivity, and the brash arguments would only rile the mainstream... Name three people, who are politcally neutral, who would accept CSWs being equated to freedom fighters!

The liberals in India have a cause. But there are a lot of people who mask as liberals just to sound hip. These people hurt these cause immeasurably. In effect, liberalism, esp things involving women, becomes a Ladies Club fashion topic. And then there are the politicos...


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