Tuesday, August 12, 2003
I'm all for people-to-people contact on our terms and according to strategic needs. Study visas for smart Paki kids (the younger the better, the longer the better). 'Medical tourism' for all the Noors. Selective trade, etc. Purely business, but selectively done in order to influence the social equations inside Pak. Engaging the already entrenched Rich Anglophone Paki Elite is of no use because anti-Indianism is their time-tested tool to control the other 99%. Right now the only socially subversive class emerging are the Islamists. One's worse than the other. So there is an urgent need to cultivate an India-friendly class within Pak. It is necessary to decorate our shop window with streamers and balloons like Kuldip Nayyar and other candle-knights, as long as they have zero say in real policy-making, and as long as counter-views ensure that their mushy views are not allowed to influence domestic public opinion to any significant extent.

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