Saturday, August 09, 2003
Re: I-Day in Gujarat


If your concerns are humanitarian, then I'm astonished you're only beginning to get worried that "something terrible" is yet to happen in Gujarat. There was a major riot there recently.

If your concerns are social and cultural, then its too early to say. The names of some places, some monuments, and other reminders of an unpleasant past can jar on some people more than others. A simple re-assertion of shattered confidence is healthy. The comparison with southern US is invalid because the ones being assertive in India were the historically brutalized people, not the perpetrators. For the latter, look across Gujarat's western border.

But wake me up if Muslims aren't allowed to attend the I-Day celebrations at Patan, or there's a Sati celebration in the town square, or laws are amended to conform to Manusmriti.


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