Thursday, August 07, 2003
Re: SC ban on Strikes

Again, the "restriction" should not be on the people on whom the law is enforceable. Defining so would be dangerous, since it would only lead to selective laws. The restriction I was talking abt should be on the circumstances, and the compulsion of the state should be commensurate with the restrictions. As Carl has rightly pointed out, allowing strikes by the military/law enforcement personnel might lead to break down of law and order and endanger the national security - both immediate paramount concerns of the state. Hence, a blanket ban on strikes by these personnel could be justified. However, placing the government beyond punitive reaction is, to me, very much a stretch by the judiciary. If only the so-called government workers had not completely discredited themselves, there would be an outrage now.

However, those who are concerned abt the long term welfare of common people should definitely stop and think abt this now.


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