Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Re: UCC and cow slaughter

No argument against moving toward a UCC. The main problem is that distorted politics has handed over exclusive rights of expressing Indian Muslim opinion to a bunch of retrogressive Ulema who have minimal interest in national well-being. So the beards presume to speak for all Muslims, and their politics is generally obstructionist in nature.

The idea is to pull the carpet from under their feet by undermining the authority that has been gifted to them by a skewed "secularist" mentality. The way to do this in the case of UCC is to have a Voluntary UCC for Muslim citizens. Here's a good article:

Make the UCC voluntary!

I'm sure a section of enlightened Muslims with a national consciousness would take this road and leave the nuts behind. Doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani, right in front of everyone.

As for cow-protection: It will contradict UCC and liberal values if it is made a law while still controversial, and the supposed mass aversion to cow-slaughter is unsupported by consumption statistics. If you feel strongly about it, spread awareness and the domestic market for beef will automatically shrink. The govt could then ban beef EXPORT after stats show that the overwhelming majority of Indians are averse to cow-slaughter. So if you have a value-opinion, then build up pressure for a law through social debate.


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