Friday, August 08, 2003

Enlightened minority action for a UCC could be encouraged through the legal process by providing optional adherence -- voluntary UCC. One could register oneself as a citizen who would like to be treated under UCC. The legalities of collision between sectarian CC and UCC could be worked out to give primacy to UCC.

Another way is to carry forward the mullah-logic and state that they should accept full Shariat and not just civil laws. So that includes stoning, amputations etc. for criminal offences. This would also have a disproportionately salutary effect on crime rate.

Re: Govt staff strikes

Govt jobs are also constitutionally sensitive and can be framed as a national internal security issue. They cannot sabotage the govt's basic social contract with the rest of the population by causing state machinery to fail. There are other ways of protest which are open to govt employees, such as resignation. Here these guys want to strike, but will create an even bigger halla if they're sacked for it.


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