Thursday, August 07, 2003
Right to Strike

The SC has ruled that the government staff have no right to strike work, though they do have the right to bargain collectively. This is not a good development. The SC should not have denied a fundamental right of a class of people (here, the government employees), without giving a compelling reason for doing so. That all the trade union leaders today are charlatans is a given. However, such a judgement of morality of the people involved should not be allowed to override the basic rights of some citizens.

Having said that, I should say this. The trade unions of India RICHLY deserve this shocker. The despicable way in which they have been treating the common people, who depended on them to realize what they deserve, has made them lose all support from the street. Indeed, Jayalalithaa if is being praised for cracking down so hard on them, these people better sit up and listen.


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