Friday, August 08, 2003

There is an interview with Rev. Valson Thampu in Rediff today. Don't miss it. It shows a mature, and considered approach of a member of a minority community to the future of his community and that of India.

One noteworthy point in that interview is that Rev.Thampu views it as essentially a state-vs-church issue (" and before the government does it, the Muslim leadership should). I have, for quite some time now, argued that the separation of church from state is not to protect the state, but to protect the religion from being bespoilt by political agenda. Rev. Thampu's uregent appeal reflects this view.

More leaders from minority community should speak out for this. Otherwise, this starts looking like some insidious conspiracy of Hindu right. An attempt to smuggle in some of their agenda through this movement is definitely there. So is there an attempt to use the anti-UCC opinion to further the agenda of Muslim right. It is upto all of us to stop any move to discredit the constitutional process any further.

I have one idea (more of a dream). The so-called secular political lobby, incl the Congress (I do not accept the Left front as secular), should take the leadership, come up with a group of minority intellectuals (like Justice A.M.Ahmedi), and lobby for UCC. That would change the direction of the movement. Rev.Thampu shares this view!


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