Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Uniform Civil Code and Cow Protection Act

Okay, confession time. Amberish Diwanji's latest article on Rediff, UCC or Hindu Civil Code, is something I completely identify with (the title, at the first glance, is quite misleading - it is a fairly balanced piece). His analogy of cow protection and personal law set me thinking....

Hmmm... well, if we are going to insist that the law be absolutely blind to religion, how then could we justify a ban on cow slaughter? Is it not something we intend as a nod to the Hindu sensibilities? I am trying hard to come up with some way of explaining it. But as of now, no. I am not able to. As the host of a site demanding Cow Protection, I am bound to thinking abt this. Sure, I still say we must - absolutely must take action to protect the cows. But should the Indian state do that? I am having second thoughts.... I know there are people here who oppose cow slaughter. Can u explain?


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