Friday, August 08, 2003
Website on Kargil

Siva wrote:
This is disgusting:

Ramki's response:
Note this : "An army spokesperson told rediff.com, "It was not an official site. We were just asked to link to it from the official one, which we did."

This is outrageous, and highly irresponsible on the Army's part. When u link up to some site from your official web site, u are implicitly endorsing them. How could the Army do this, without having on record who is owning that site, and what is on it?

Think of the serious consequences of this - some guy comes and asks the army to add a link to his site... and they do. And then he puts up some secessionist material on it. What happens then?

This problem is bigger than one link. You will know what I am talking abt if u go to any Indian ministry's website. Half the links are broken, and in many pages, it's grammatical errors galore. Just shows how callous, insensitive and outright rotten the whole system is.

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