Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Whose sin is it anyways?

The Catholic Church famously blamed homosexuals for all its woes with those allegations from former altar boys. Well, may be it's the wrong of those unabashed sinners. Surely, they are headed to the lower netherworld! But now, it turns out that the heterosexual priests were no better either - a woman has just provided a paternity test result that confirms that a catholic priest is her dad!
Uh oh! Now, all heteros are damned to Hell too?! Good Gracious Lord in Rome!!!
The Church's reaction, you ask? Here it is:
Church spokeswoman Carolina Guevara said the church was offering Milla and her mother "support and prayers."
"We hope this information provides healing," Guevara said.

Wonder which future Pope would apologize for these crimes and shuffle upto which wall!

Just so u get the whole thing in perspective, I am going to quote a bit from Salon.com:
In 1991, Tamayo admitted he had sex with her and publicly apologized. He died in 1999.
Last year, Allred released documents showing the church urged Tamayo to stay in the Philippines after Jacqueline's birth and mailed checks to him there. In three letters, church officials advised him not to reveal the source of the payments "unless requested under oath," noting that he was "liable for personal suits arising out of your past actions."

So you see, the Church was not just an innocent crossfire victim - it was an active abettor and even funded the coverup of the crime.

And Gays are Sinners?

PS: May be we need a new slogan: "How much did the Pope know, and when?"

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