Thursday, September 25, 2003
Grand posturing does NOT help

The Times of India today carries this editorial calling for "an offer Musharraf cannot refuse." One offer he could never refuse is a surrender of Kashmir.... wanna try? Have we not learnt anything from Agra? Grand standing does NOT help. Such gestures just create a sputter that dies in a brief while. How many cycles of hugging n' kissing to entering a nasty spat to stone silence are we to go through before we realize that peace making is a more involved process than what we usually are prepared for?

So, Mushy comes to Srinagar, and Atal goes to Muzaffarabad. Then what? What do they talk? The editorial is silent on that. Limits of thought?

My opinion is that ABV should completely ignore Musharraf's barbs, and talk abt global peace, collective security, terrorism etc - set out a broad vision - or sign up on one already existing one. A good example would be the stand taken by Rajiv Gandhi on nuclear weapons. That would set us out as a leading country with some vision, and responsibility.

One caveat though - don't rush into trying to fix things by making an example (for example, we should still continue to insist on ridding the world of nukes, while not giving up our option in a hurry). In world politics, tact speaks better than blind idealism.


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