Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Should India enter Iraq?

President Bush has, in a speech, reiterated his request for more international troops for Iraq. The admn has made no secret its desire to see Indians there. One hotly debated topic is whether we should go, in the interest of the budding alliance between the two countries.

I think not. Two reasons:

1. Bush has refused to allow creation of other commands in Iraq, which means we would have to function either under the American command, or under an allied command. The first choice is really no choice - if American troops cannot function under an Indian, it is only justified that the same be said in the other direction. Functioning under an allied command would mean that we are joining the alliance that invaded Iraq ex post facto. This cannot be accepted because it means we as a nation are going back on a stance we took, and with no apparent reason except that the US president now wishes us to do so! We can be allies - loyal ones at that - but we should not become a Banana Republic for that.

2. I do not believe the administration's estimate that we need only one more division in Iraq. In my view, it will take much than that. In that case, to me at least, it looks like Bush Admn has not gotten rid of its ideas of rebuilding on the cheap. This is dangerous. This idea is what led to the problems the allies are facing in Iraq today, and this would continue to be a problem as long as the US Admn continues to entertain its fantasies of investmentless reconstruction. Let's not put ourselves in a position where we get shot, and have no way of stopping it, with decisions being made in the DC!


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