Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Robert Al-Guida

Ramki, did you read the tripe Rep. Robert Guida and Saghir Tahir spouted forth in the article Ram Narayanan fwded?
A tentative response:

Dear Sir,
Recently you published an article by Rep. Robert Guida, with the inconspicuous postscript that he also speaks for the honourable Rep. Saghir Tahir. The article is a classic of mendacity. The following list of *verifiable* facts will show how the article serves up boldfaced lies under cover of even more sensational allegations that ordinary Americans are unlilely to verofy, and some dubious rhetoric to boot.

Firstly, Rep. Guida (and Rep. Saghir no doubt) casually slip in allegations that the Indian Government is "persecuting" Kashmiri Muslims. Anyone remotely familiar with the situation in that troubled region knows that the lines aren't so clear. In the state of Jammu & Kashmir, around 60% of the inhabitants were Muslim. Most Hindus have been ethnically cleansed by terrorists -- a strange phenomenon in a situation of what, Guida says, is Indian Government persecution. Of the Muslim Kashmiris, the Shi'a are pro-India, and are generally the ones responsible for tipping Indian police off about terrorist infiltrators from Pakistan coming into their area. That's because they have heard and seen the Pakistani Government's massacres of their Shi'a brethren in Pak-occupied Kashmir, as well as the regular Shia-killing carried out in all Pakistani cities by the out-of-control Wahabi-funded groups in Pakistan.

Now it is true that at one time a small section of Sunni Kashmiris, intoxicated with the idea of a "pure" Islamic state, were successfully seduced by what Guida calls the "original premise of partition", a fascist separatist ideology peddled by Pakistan that Guida asks all Americans to support. However, the majority of Kashmiri Sunnis have never supported this divisive agenda, and they expressed this sentiment in the most recent elections in their state, coming out to vote despite the desperate efforts of terrorists to scare them away from the polling booths. The international media have documented this landmark development in full, and the facts are eminently verifiable. But Guia asks the American people to ignore the voice of democracy in a multicultural nation and lend support to the "premise of partition" peddled by a violent, fascist minority with support from across an international border.

Secondly, I fear the honourable Representative may have embarassed himself by making some vague allusion to an FBI "report" that the BJP-lead coalition government in India diabolically massacred 200 Hindus just to sway an election in its favor. We demand that Rep. Guida substantiate this outrageous allegation. We can hazard an educated guess as to where such ridiculous speculation comes from, for the Pakistani "free" media was rife with op-eds alleging that the CIA masterminded the 9/11 attacks just to fabricate a casus belli for military intervention in the Islamic World. It appears that such Machiavellian speculation is common in some parts of the world, and the innocent Rep. Guida caught it from a close associate.

We demand that Rep. Guida also substantiate all the lurid facts and nicely rounded-off figures about rape and murder with documents having more credibility than an arbitrary internet website.

Guida also has a problem with one single statement of no-nonsense determination that the Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee made. But the same man was also responsible for initiating peace talks *twice* with the Pakistanis -- the first time with a democratically elected Pakistani, Mr.Nawaz Sharif, who was exiled in a coup lead by General Musharraf, whom Mr.Guida regards as a committed ally against terrorism. Gen. Musharraf was also the mastermind of the Kargil War, derailing the Lahore peace talks that Mr.Vajpayee initiated.

All this and more is readily verifiable, and it only astounds me how Rep. Guida (and the honourable Rep. Tahir) thought such a trashy article could pass muster. I hope this brief rejoinder finds a place where your readers can educate themselves and learn to double-check such wild allegations made under cover of a confused logic and rhetoric. Islamist jihad is built on the twin pillars of Saudi money and the nuclear weapons Pakistan has acquired. Americans need to fortify themselves with all the facts before again embracing this dangerous "ally" and reaping another bloody harvest a la 9/11.

Warm Regards,

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