Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Asia Times - Will Dubya dump Dick?

Interesting possibility - at least two people have asked me this question this week. I have my doubts though. Bush will not dump the "loyal" Cheney unless it is necessary. But if he does, who might be the new Veep candidate?

One name I have seen bandied about is Condi Rice. While this might be good, projecting him as a tolerant person etc etc, I am not sure if she would be the best bet. I would guess that, given that the President's credentials on the War on Terror are not reliant on the Veep's, Bush would want some one who could reassure the fiscal conservatives. It might send home the message that he is concerned about the economy.

I doubt if he will shoot big time for hard core libertarians (given the fact that he is determined to woo the religious right). Democrats should seek to lure this constituency. Dean could have done it well, but his other ahem, qualities, make me shudder at the prospect of him being the candidate. Kerry and Edwards might have to work harder.

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