Thursday, January 29, 2004
HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: An Interview with Sandy Rios: Banning Gay Marriage Tops CWA Agenda
"Let me add something to clarify. It's so confusing. I've been on the ground floor so I can explain it to you. The caveat was this: If there were to be civil unions, they would not be based on a sexual relationship. So in other words, we would write the language in such a way that a grandmother and her granddaughter living together"

I am amazed at the incredulous suggestion made here. What she is saying, in effect, is this: We are not discriminating here, except in the case of homosexuals. Well, that is discrimination!

A good parallel for the kind of amendment they want would go like this: Slavery shall be illegal, except where the race of the enslaved was the basis of the enslavement. Hence, if the owner, and the slave are of different races, it shall be deemed legal.

Now, how is that for a new version of 13th amendment?

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