Monday, January 26, 2004
I have had a respect for Mr.Gurumurthy, though I hold many views that are antithetical to his. However, this piece was particularly bad. The misappropriation of the Gandhi name is the one point which seems valid to me.

Particularly stinky is the core idea - that since the Italian constitution is ready to confer citizenship on Rahul and Priyanka, they are somehow illegitimate citizens of India. And, how is it that Mr.SG has ignored the fact that they are kids of Rajiv Gandhi too, and the Indian constitution provides the same benefits to them thru his parentage? Mr.Gurumurthy wants us to believe that they had a virgin birth, with Sonia being their only parent. This is sheer ad hominem attack. Surely, SG can do better.

Mr Sharma, are they not also Italians by birth? - Newindpress.com

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