Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Oh, about post-NH... Well, I must say this, Kerry reminds me a little of JFK... minus the dashing appearance (which Edwards has). Only, his speech style also belongs to the JFK era. Dean, however, came off looking very good. His mention of volunteers by name, his mention of his family, and the way he carried himself, made him look more human this time (what a break!). Missed Edwards' reaction. Lieberman made some speech that was just short of withdrawal (staying in the ring?!).

In the coming days, Kerry will repent his faux pas of openly saying that a Dem did not need the south to win. South is very sensitive to such alienation. Let's see how Edwards takes advantage of this statement without looking like he is going negative on Kerry. I am still hoping Kerry is not giving up on the South. I would still say that Kerry-Edwards ticket sounds pretty enticing. Interestingly, there was Lee Bandy, Chief Political Correspondent of The State Newspaper from South Carolina on C-SPAN today. His views looked slightly biased towards Bush. But he conceded that Kerry-Edwards ticket is bound to win at least some states in the South.

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