Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Okay, I have serious doubts as to whether there is anything remotely resembling rhyme in this argument:
In a resolution, the MRCC noted that the party was founded in Mumbai and Sonia's husband and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was born here. That was why either of Sonia's children was perfectly qualified to fight from the seat, it said.

Who cares where Rajiv Gandhi was born? What do the two know abt Mumbai's problems?

And the sheer cynicism of this!! :
...adding that besides the assassinated prime minister's charisma, her granddaughter also resembled her.

Congress lost precisely because of the cynical attitude of congresswallahs. None less than Rajiv Gandhi stated this fact (refer to his speech in the AICC centennary celebrations). Looks like they are yet to climb out of it.

Debate over Rahul, Priyanka picks up


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