Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Re: Pulli Raja

Carl, for now, I will put off the explanation of the Pulli Raja funda for later.

As for ur question about gays and AIDS, it is not true that gays are especially susceptible to HIV infection. A promiscuous hetersexual is as likely to contract AIDS as a promiscuous homosexual. However, statistically, promiscuity is much higher among homosexuals than among heterosexuals. Me thinks this is primarily because the forceful exclusion of homosexuals from mainstream society.

If they are out of the closet their relationships do not enjoy as much support structures that heterosexual marriages enjoy. Moreover, in less accepting societies, being a class already excluded from the mainstream social structures, they feel less compulsion to stay within in socially approved restrictions such as monogamy. When they are in the closet, obviously, there is very little chance of maintaining a monogamous relationship.

However, I can understand the reason why ur opinion is a commonly held belief. AIDS first spread among homosexuals (it is not clear why). There were times when it was called "gay plague" and "gay cancer" and was cruelly described as a "cure" for homosexuality by the far right. And a lot of pseudoscience was cultivated to "explain" this phenomenon, with the then Reagan administration taking precious few steps towards research on the disease killing the putative less-than humans.


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